The Man behind VeggieTales

I have always loved VeggieTales. My husband even used Madame Blueberry as our Sunday School lesson once…yes for adults. It was a hit and brought home the point of materialism better than anything he could have taught. It’s hard to pick a favorite VeggieTales video. They’re all so good…genius really. I’ve always wondered what kind of person puts these things together. Who thinks this stuff up?

Phil Vischer…the man behind the veggies. In his book, Me, Myself, & Bob, Phil talks about the rise and fall of his dream to impact the world for Christ through creative media. The average VeggieTales viewer probably doesn’t even know that anything “wrong” happened. I didn’t even know. It seems VeggieTales goes on as usual. Same voices, same look. But something big did happen and Phil tells the story of the exciting growth of his company and the devastating loss of it just several years later.

The lesson learned (because in VeggieTales there is always a lesson “learned that applies to our lives today”) was that knowing God and walking with Him is bigger and better than what we can DO for Him.You might want to read that again.

Another lesson learned, there is a difference between vision and revelation.

Vision is something we dream up on our own and try to make happen with God’s blessing. Revelation is what God gives us with the tools and power to make it happen. Phil learned that abundant life happens in revelation.

I have so many thoughts after reading this book (I couldn’t put it down). I want everyone I know in ministry to read it. There is a great deal I still need to process. It’s got me thinking…and praying. All I can say is that if you have a dream…something “big and good” you want to do for God…read this book first. May it bless you as it has me.


About Theresa Haigler

Wife to amazing husband. Mother to two wonderful girls. Love God and His Word. Enjoy learning and teaching Scripture to anyone who will listen.
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