The RIESEN for the Season

We had a fun time tonight at our HSM Lifegroup as I told the Nativity Story with a sweet twist. There are several stories like this on the internet, but I had to write my own to match the types of candy I had. The idea is that as the story is told, someone passes out the candy as it is mentioned (I put the candy names in all caps to make it easier). I was worried this would be too “young” for my high schoolers… nope. They ate it up! 😉
Here’s the story:


The REISEN for the Season
Long ago, there lived a sweet couple named Joseph and Mary who were betrothed or engaged to be married. They were full of BLISS as they planned for their wedding. Joseph worked hard building a house for Mary. Mary dreamed of one day holding a baby boy in her arms or maybe a baby girl, a BABY RUTH named after one of her ancestors. But one day a visit from an angel changed everything. Mary would conceive by the Holy Spirit and give birth to a son named Jesus. He would be a LIFESAVER to the world! When Joseph found out, he was beTWIXted a rock and a hard place, but the same angel told Joseph to marry Mary anyway and that his PAYDAY was surely to come. Soon Mary and Joseph could hear the SNICKERS of the townspeople. But what did those AIRHEADS know? Mary and Joseph trusted God anyway.
Nine months later, some SMARTIES in the East called wise men were studying the MILKYWAY, when all of a sudden a STARBURST forth. They knew that a king of the Jews was born and they would need to travel to worship this newborn king. Meanwhile, in a field in Bethlehem, some JOLLY RANCHERS were watching over their flock when all of a sudden an angel appeared bringing news of great JOY to all the people! A savior is born! The Jolly Ranchers went immediately to see the baby but it would take awhile for the Smarties to get there with all their gifts. Mary took it all in and TREASURED all these things in her heart as she smothered her baby with KISSES.
Pretty soon it was back to just Joseph, Mary and little Jesus, the THREE MUSKETEERS. Life would continue, Mary and Joseph would have other kids, and Jesus would grow up. One day He would be baptized in the Jordan River and the Holy Spirit would descend on Him in the form of a DOVE with His Father declaring that He is well pleased. Soon, a 100 GRAND and more would be saved through faith in HIM! Nothing could be sweeter than that!


About Theresa Haigler

Wife to amazing husband. Mother to two wonderful girls. Love God and His Word. Enjoy learning and teaching Scripture to anyone who will listen.
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