Biblical Holidays

I always wondered what life was like for Jesus as he grew up in a normal Jewish family. Just a few years ago, I learned about the Biblical Holidays. These are certain appointed times in the year the Jewish people had to stop their normal routines to observe a particular feast or fast. These were instituted in the Old Testament and would ultimately be fulfilled by Jesus in the New Testament.

I am one who learns by doing. It has been a great honor to be able to participate in the traditions of these holidays. It has increased my understanding of the Scriptures like nothing else. I see Easter in a whole new light. I’ve always known that Jesus was our Passover lamb, but it wasn’t until I participated in a Passover Seder (what Jesus and the disciples actually did at the Last Supper) that I truly understood how much Jesus really fulfilled.

I’ll start you off with an Overview of Biblical Holidays.

Once you grasp the order of things, you’ll be ready to dive into each holiday individually. My it bless you as it has blessed me!




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